• Teen make-up brands are on the rise
      Two high-profile make-up launches from Asos and C.Y.O exemplify the rising popularity of low-cost, high-quality cosmetics aimed at the lucrative teen/millennial markets (90% of girls and 69% of boys aged nine to 17 are beauty product users in the US – Mintel, 2016). ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-09-13
    • Does Authenticity Exist in an Influencer-Led World?
      While the ‘unfiltered’ movement on social media – the concept of being ‘real’ in a virtual world – can often seem contrived, it’s safe to say that consumers are more likely to buy into a brand that uses ‘relatable’ influencers in their marketing strategies than those… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-09-11
    • Supporting Female Futures with New York Fashion Tech Lab
      For women-led startups looking to push their businesses to the next level, the New York Fashion Tech Labhas been designed to offer a helping hand. The nonprofit organization runs a yearly program to help shape thefuture of growing startups working within the intersection of fashion, retail… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-09-07
    • What’s the best way to approach artificial intelligence technology?
      “To remain at the cutting-edge, luxury brands must learn to harness AI to pioneer new and meaningful experiences with consumers,” Marc Close, CEO of bespoke apparel platform Bespokify, wrote for the Business of Fashion last month in an op-ed entitled ‘Technology is Eating Fashion.’ With large… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-09-05

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