• Virtual Try-On Fashion Apps Update, 2016
        Sophisticated new virtual try-on tools, both online and in-store, are capitalising on consumers' increased willingness to use tech to trial products. ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2016-12-01
    • Decoded Fashion Milan Summit, 2016
        From ‘liquid content’ and strategic service relationships, to niche influencer power and AI-accelerated expertise, Decoded Fashion’s 2016 Milan Summit united many of Europe’s key brands, agencies, retail experts and technologists to dissect a swiftly evolving luxury landscape.  ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2016-11-29
    • Phygital Xmas: Blippar’s Mass-Brand AR Activation, London
      Covent Garden’s property management company Capco has partnered with British augmented reality (AR) app Blippar on a digitally enhanced physical shopping experience. It capitalises on the retail district’s magnetic attraction for Christmas shoppers (five million are expected to visit the London tourist mecca this holiday season).… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2016-11-28
    • Nail Retail Redefined: Wah’s High-Tech, Feminist Salon
      British nail specialist Wah Nails has unveiled an 890,000 sq ft flagship in Soho, London, which merges manicures and pedicures, discovery-based retail, cutting-edge tech and a strong dose of feminism under one roof. ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2016-11-25

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