• The urgent need for positive technology
      Technology has pervaded our lives. And it’s never going to go away. Those two statements are fact. But what humans have finally had enough of are websites and apps that steal their information and use it for their own selfish means, rather… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-10-11
    • The future for fashion retailers is the cloud
      With customer bases growing each and every day, many retailers are struggling to keep up with demand. This is especially true for fashion brands that started life as nothing but a physical store. Now, these companies are dealing with online sales from… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-10-10
    • Amazon Uses Consumer Data as a Selling Point in Latest Store
        An insatiable, social-media-fuelled appetite for everything new is driving the value of store concepts that resemble micro exhibitions of hyper-curated edits. Along these lines, Amazon is re-entering the physical retail space with a 370 sq m Manhattan store that makes high… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-10-08
    • Dirty Lemon Lets You Pay Later by Text
      Trendy health-focused New York beverage brand Dirty Lemon has opened a checkout-free store in Manhattan's Tribeca called Drug Store, where it's trusting consumers to grab a drink, leave, then pay later by text at their convenience.         … ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-10-01
    • Amazon Go is poised to set up shop in the UK
      1. Amazon is reportedly looking to acquire new locations to introduce its checkout less supermarket to Britain, says The Times. The retailer is looking for store sites with parameters ranging from 4,000 sq ft and 5,000 sq ft to fit in the size of the Amazon Go… ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2018-10-11
    • Universal Standard’s New Size Range Is Unprecedented
      1. So often it feels like we give attention to brands that have yet to embrace a wider demographic of consumers, that the ones who do seemingly fly under the radar. Well, it's time to give Universal Standard the praise it rightfully deserves. The minimalist and… ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2018-10-10
    • Fenty Beauty named as one of Time’s Most Genius Companies
      1. In 2017, Time Magazine named Fenty Beauty the Best Invention of 2017. True. Just one year later, the title heralds Riri’s brainchild as one of 2018’s Most Genius Companies, alongside major players Bumble, Nike, and Spotify. Also true. Read More       ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2018-10-09
    • Ikea and Virgil Abloh to Stage Pop-Up Shop During Paris Fashion Week
      1. Virgil Abloh is set to spark another Paris Fashion Week stampede once again, with a pop-up shop offering a selection of limited edition Ikea rugs by the designer set to hit the city’s Cité de la Mode et du Design on Sept. 29. Read More   … ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2018-09-06

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