• Men: Nailing the Salon Experience
      A new pop-up salon in London is challenging taboos by opening a nail bar for guys. Could it redefine masculinity in the era of ‘male beauty’? ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-06-21
    • The start-up stories that are well worth listening to
      Decoded Future has long believed in the power of sharing. With the number of UKstart-ups increasing year on year, the entrepreneurial space can get a little crowded with budding founders unsure which way to turn and whose advice to take. On 26 June, our Start-Up Stories… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-06-12
    • How artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise e-commerce
      Online retailers face many struggles. Acquiring customers is one, keeping them on a site is another, and actually landing a sale is the last. All of these are major hurdles that can easily be overcome thanks to new artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Take the issue of… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-06-07
    • Commercialising Cannabis
      The legal cannabis era is here. Our new Spotlight Trend reveals how it will mature into a multi-billion-dollar opportunity that will disrupt industries as varied as hospitality, beauty and pets. ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2018-06-07

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