• DKNY unveils smartwatch
      "DKNY has debuted the DKNY Minute, the first piece of wearable technology from the brand. The watch is officially scheduled to launch Holiday 2017, and is one of the many pieces from Fossil launching at Baselworld this week." Read More     ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-03-23
    • Instagram Shopping Expands, Made Easier for Brands
      "The company said, after testing shopping, it will now expand to thousands of businesses and make it easier for them to measure performance." Read More     ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-03-22
    • House of Fraser turning to ‘experimental’ retail
      "As well as cutting the number of brands it sells and targeting older women, House of Fraser is looking to place the department store at the forefront of retail change by “disrupting” the industry." Read More     ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-03-21
    • From Luxury Fashion To Cars: Alibaba Bets Big On Augmented Reality
      "China’s e-commerce and internet giant Alibaba Group is counting on a bright future for augmented reality (AR) technology in the automobile industry. After pouring funds in AR industry leader Magic Leap and Israeli developer Infinity AR in 2016, the company recently led an US$18 million investment… ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-03-20
    • Neutral Works: 360° Hybrid Wellbeing Concept Store, Tokyo
        Tokyo-based multi-brand sportswear manufacturer and retailer Goldwin has opened a hybrid ‘remedy hub’/concept store in which all retail and gym elements are anchored in the benefits of achieving a neutral body-mind state. The premise, according to the brand, is that neutrality is the key to… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-03-14
    • Female Focus: Puma’s One-Day Women-Only Hub
        On March 9 – the day after International Women’s Day – Puma will host a one-day workout and athleisure experience in London billed as a platform for female empowerment. The move taps into the appetite for brand experiences that celebrate and support women. ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-03-13
    • Community Comes First: The New Retail Norm
        Fashion still matters to the new generation of shoppers but, for brands, adopting a ‘style over substance’ approach to retailing is no longer enough. Consumers see more value than their predecessors in emotional empowerment – and nothing forms a stronger bond between the brand and… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-03-07
    • Speaker Q&A: Jason Angsuvarn, Jason Markk
        Jason Markk is disrupting the world of sneaker cleaning - making premium shoe care products for all the “sneakerheads” out there, as well as offer a drop-off shoe cleaning service at their Los Angeles-based flagship store (which also doubles up as an events space). We… ... read more
      Source: Latest Weekly StoriesPublished on 2017-02-27

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