• Nike launches new app in six European countries
        "Nike, the global sportswear retailer, has launched their new app, ‘Nike’ in six additional countries. Now available to iOS and Android users in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, Nike’s new app provides exclusive content to ‘Nike Plus’ members, the retailer’s… ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-07-21
    • How Smashbox is using eye-tracking technology to increase sales
        "Eye-tracking technology is finally making its way to the beauty space, thanks to a new partnership between Smashbox and the industry’s favorite augmented reality provider, ModiFace." Read More      ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-07-20
    • Estée Lauder is Combining Chatbots With Augmented Reality
        "Estée Lauder partnered with experience augmented reality group ModiFace to create a chat bot that customers can interact with to sample lipstick. The chatbot operates on Facebook Messenger through a mobile device by using a live video feed." Read More      ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-07-18
    • Stitch Fix is letting algorithms help design new clothes
        "Traditional clothing designers might start the creative process with mood boards and sketches, but Hybrid Designs starts with AI.The in-house brand of subscription fashion startup Stitch Fix, Hybrid Designs employs a data science team that works with the company’s order data to predict which… ... read more
      Source: Fashion Tech DailyPublished on 2017-07-17

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