TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2016 @ 7.00PM

#DFMeetup is bringing together a sizzling lineup of fearless females who are killing it in the fashion tech industry in New York. We’ll hear the stories of some very different women leading in their own fields, from data boffins, to future thinkers, our panelists will share unique opportunities and lessons they’ve learned throughout their journeys.

Panelists include
Carla Dunham, Vice President, Global Brand Strategy, Kate Spade & Company
Jenna Blaha, Tech Editor, Marie Claire
Liza Kindred, Founder, Third Wave Fashion
Katie Smith, Senior Fashion & Retail Analyst, EDITED

Startup stories
A new skincare line that uses Probiotic Technology co-founded by Dr. Roshini Raj.

A fashion data company that enhances the shopping experience by focusing on fit, not size. By women and for women, Fitcode is redefining the shopping experience by fixing the disconnect between real women and less-than-real product images.

Special experience
Visit LOLI’s pop-up beauty blending bar and mix up your own lip & body butter or scrub. BIY (blend-it-yourself) with LOLI’s living organic loving ingredients like coconut, cocoa and ghee freshly whipped for you.

And, as always, we’ll end the evening with drinks and networking!

Space is limited, please RSVP to guarantee your spot.

Thanks to our partner, Cocktail Caviar, for sampling their burstable pearls of flavored vodka! Each pearl’s thin outer covering is made from kelp which dissolves when bitten to release a fabulous burst of flavor.

Venue Host
The Farm Soho (Coworking Space NYC), is designed with rustic Americana sensibility in mind and populated by the brightest minds in the NYC startup scene.



Wondering how to understand social media ROI? Looking to leverage content marketing? This upcoming #DFMeetup will feature local Toronto fashion and retail digital executives and tech startups sharing their advice, stories, and opinions on their most successful engagement strategies.

This is event is perfect for anyone looking to learn engagement strategies from leaders in the local community. You don’t have to be in fashion to take advantage of the learnings.

Industry chat with: 

Roots Canada: James Connell, VP E-Commerce & Marketing
Roots Canada is a leader in leveraging social shopping in their online marketing strategy. Highlighting user’s Instagram product photos, Roots enables shoppers to buy items featured in the images quickly and seamlessly on their website.

Loblaw Digital: Lauren Steinberg, Marketing Director 
The Loblaw Digital team builds and operates the digital businesses in the Loblaws family of brands. Joe Fresh has scaled their online presence and produces a well curated blog featuring shopable product, lifestyle, and behind the scenes posts.

Sampler: Nitika Wahi, Special Projects 
Sampler, a local Toronto success story, makes it easy for companies to reach key customers with product samples. Their service encourages brands to empower those who already love the company to try products from another line or highlight a new call to action. Past partners include The Body Shop, Weleda, and Manitoba Harvest.

Amanda Cosco, Fashion Tech Journalist (Moderator)
An entrepreneur and journalist focused on the intersection of fashion and technology, reporting on wearable technology, future fashion, and next-gen retail for the CBC, the Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail. Founded Girl About Toronto, a blog-turned creative communications company specializing in content & coverage services for brands invested in local and lifestyle.

Startup demos from:

A Toronto startup that is revolutionizing the tattoo industry. Using fruit-based inks, Inkbox sells temporary tattoos that last for 2 weeks with a promise of no fading or peeling. Inkbox is also very socially minded. A percentage of all sales go towards supporting local indigenous communities in Panama, where their ink is from.

Raw Finery Studio
An up and coming fashion co-working space, Raw Finery Studio is a hybrid fashion lab and community work studio that provides its members with event venues, multi-disciplinary studio space, and cutting edge equipment.

Daniel Christian Tang
Using 3D printers, Daniel Christian Tang creates jewelry designed using architectural modelling software and 3 dimensional digital manufacturing technology. There has yet to be a full line of 3D jewelry in the mass market of brick and mortar stores and this Toronto startup aspires to be one of the first.

As always, we’ll begin and end the evening with networking.


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2015 @ 6.30PM

Last month we saw the doors close on Tinker Tailor, one of a number of startups trying to make customizable clothing for women. So what is the impact on the supply chain, and how are some businesses able to succeed in this space?

This month, we take a moment to look at those ruling the space, and what opportunities there are for fashion and tech to create a more customized experience (that’s affordable to both the creator and the supplier).

Industry chat with: 

Fashionista, Editor-at-Large, Lauren Sherman
Shoes of Prey, Co-Founder, Jodie Fox
Jodie is the Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at – where women can design their own shoes. Started just 4 years ago, Shoes of Prey broke even at 2 months, hit multimillion dollar revenue in under 2 years and today is a global multimillion dollar enterprise.

Demos from startups disrupting the space include:

1 Atelier
Meticulously handcrafted and customizable luxury handbags made in the NYC Garment District.

More TBA!

As always, we’ll end the evening with networking and drinks.


THURSDAY, JUNE 18, 2015 @ 6.30PM

Sustainability and being socially responsible is a growing trend in Fashion and Retail industry today. Consumers are the ones driving this awareness, supporting untraditional ecommerce models and valuing the stories behind the products they purchase.

But is this a trend that came to stay? What are the biggest challenges facing startups in the space and why aren’t more brands seeing more value in investing in sustainable models?

We’ll address those questions and more in this month’s edition of #DFMeetup NY!

Brand perspective from: 

Eileen Fisher
Supply Chain Transparency Specialist
Eileen Fisher’s vision is for an industry where human rights & sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative, but the cause of a business well run. Hear about their supply chain transparency in regard to their Vision2020 goals.

Industry chat with:

Zady believes in products with solid construction, the best materials, the lowest environmental footprint, the highest labor standards and timeless style, above all.

Startup Showcases from:

INDELUST A curated e-commerce destination featuring an emerging design sensibility by independent designers, artisans and innovators from the Indian Subcontinent with a mission to promote ethical production processes that will best provide a sustainable living for craftworkers from this region.

JUST tells the stories behind our clothes. They collect, authenticate and showcase the who, where, and how an item is made via an app for brands, their suppliers and consumers.

Constant Simplicity Sustainable fashion for men and women. Transparency from seed to product fueled by data driven production generating content and resulting in an engaged community.

As always, we’ll end with networking and drinks kindly provided byWeWork


TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015 @ 6.30PM

How do you create a supercharged retail experience in a digital era? What does it take to get a consumer to look twice? We’ll explore great examples during our May #DFMeetup at the brand new, super-cool, retail & production facilities of Normal.

Nikki Kaufman, Founder, will give us an inside look into ‘What is Normal?’ You’re pretty unique, yeah? Your ears are definitely unique, but you’ve been insisting on shoving oddly shaped things in them. Things that aren’t Normal, that aren’t personalized or customized, and that’s just all kinds of crazy. Normal allows you to fully customize your own set of earphones, which are 3D printed based on the nooks and crannies of your ear, and your ear alone. Since life is weird enough, it’s time for something Normal.

Startups supercharging the norm:

Tulip works with experience-driven traditional retailers who have a vision of digital commerce that, together with the physical store, creates a blended online + mobile + in-store experience for consumers that is the best of all worlds.

memomi created the world’s first “Digital Mirror” software platform bridging the online-offline worlds with advanced data capture and analytics. Using simple body gestures, or the smartphone app, shoppers can control the MemoryMirror to see 360-degree back and side views of themselves in new outfits; change outfit styles, sizes, and colors; see themselves dressed in different outfits side-by-side; and instantly share images and videos of themselves with friends via smartphones and social media.

SKU IQ integrated commerce platform enables physical retailers to integrate their Online <> Offline inventory systems in real time for operational excellence and omni-channel revenues (aka. in-store pick up, same day delivery and more).
As always, #DFMeetup will end with networking and drinks (it is Cinco de Mayo after all)!


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 2015 @ 6.30PM

Explore the role content plays in enhancing the customer experience.

This edition of our Paris Meetup is dedicated to the power of editorial, focussing on how content strategy adds to the omni-channel experience. From lookbooks to magazines, through tutorials, inspirational visuals or even personal advice, brands and retailers are setting up an editorial strategy and using content to inspire, engage, and retain customers, but also to develop brand awareness to better attract prospects.

Key Questions to be Addressed:

• What are the roles of content and editorial in the omni-channel consumer journey?

• How to bridge content and e-commerce ?

• How to ensure consistency of content across all customer touch points? What are the best practices?

• What is the impact on your organization and on sales?

Fashion Capital Partners, Céline LIPPI, Co-founder and Managing Director

Facebook, Morin Oluwole, Luxury Client Partnerships Lead

eShopper Index 2015 Presentation: Luxury, Fashion and Beauty Content and e-commerce editorial key figures, new trends and best practices, Christophe Biget at iVentures Consulting

Boucheron, Hermeline Druesne​, International Digital Marketing Manager
L’Oreal Luxe, Maria Gambino, E-boutique European Director
Pinterest, Lucie Marquet, Marketing Manager
Lacoste, Constance Smith, Digital Communication Manager
The Stimuleye, Suzanne von Aichinger, Art Director / Stylist
Demandware, Anthony Grost, Solution Strategist Retail Practice
Spootnik, Stéphane Setbon, CEO & Co-founder

MyPreciousLife, Marina Detienne, CEO & Co-founder

As always, the #DFMeetup will end with networking cocktail kindly provided by Demandware!

Thanks to our venue partner, Criteo.

Thanks to our supporting partners:


THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2015 @ 6.30PM

Want to know how to captivate an audience? You can’t miss this engaging talk with Ben Parr, former Editor-at-Large of Mashable, Co-founder of DominateFund, and author of the brand new book Captivology.

Learn first hand the tactics and science behind drawing in audiences and retaining attention in the age of information. We’ll hear demos from early-stage startups which are growing through the art of creating a vibrant community for their brand.

At our very first Brooklyn event at Made in NY Media Center by IFP, demos include:

Socialyte Collective Recently acquired by NYLON magazine, Socialyte Collective controls the world’s largest directory of qualified stats for over 5000 international fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle influencers, street style photographers, fashion bloggers, Instagram Stars, Viners, Youtubers, musicians and young hollywood celebs.

Pixlee Personalized visual marketing platform, sitting at the intersection of photos and data, helping brands navigate the rise of the visual web. Visual search and discovery for brands that captivate audiences with visually stunning content personalized and optimized for sharing, curating, and exploring on all devices and networks. Born at the NYC Media Lab between Hearst and Parsons, now incubating at Made in NY Media Center by IFP, the Glossy story originates at the intersection of fashion, media, technology, and the potency of social streams to build brand loyalty.

More TBA


THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2015 @ 7.00PM

Decoded Fashion is headed to Denmark for the launch of #DFMeetup Copenhagen! The event is part of a global series of Decoded Fashion Meetups that has already touched down in New York, London, Milan, Berlin, Sydney, Toronto, Paris and Dublin to explore the role of technology in advancing the fashion, retail and beauty industries.

The first fashion technology meetup “Ethical Consumerism” in Scandinavia is organised by the EasySize team.


Ethical Consumerism: The Changes in Customers’ Buying Decisions

We’ll learn about:

The changes in shoppers’ behaviour. Do the consumers care more about their purchases?

The companies’ responses. How fashion shops can add more value to their customers?

Communication strategies. What are the effective strategies we can learn from?

And finally, how technology is shaping online/offline fashion business – what is waiting for us in the near future?


Deloitte Sustainabililty, Mari Espelid Kristensen

Drude-Katrine Plannthin, Project Manager at KEA, will run the discussion together with 3­ representatives from the Scandinavian fashion industry.

Another View

Innovative sustainable fashion/technology startups will pitch their business ideas for the audience.

Enkel Basics Young sustainable brand, focusing and simplicity in design and clear, sustainable business model.

Resecond A place where you can exchange your clothes for a fixed membership price.

Woomio Connects brands with bloggers and brand-ambassadors, monetizing content and measuring effect through consumers social media.

Son of a Tailor The worlds first online t-shirt tailor making shirts in a personal, trasnparent and sustainable way.

Mokosh A slow-fashion e-boutique and a community where you can find good quality items and clothes.

As always, #DFMeetup will end with cocktails and networking.

Thank you to our beverage sponsor, Noorbohandelen!

—All tickets must be purchased HERE to confirm RSVP—


FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015 @ 5.00PM

Meet the startup stars from Simon + Decoded Fashion’s competition, see our wearables exhibit and join us for a cocktail to kickoff SXSW networking with the top names of Fashion and Tech.  RSVP here!


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2015 @ 6.30PM

Don’t miss our first ever VR event with Rothenberg Ventures and loads of new information on how this evolving technology is about to change the fashion industry.

Virtual reality is no longer just about gaming. VR is becoming quite big for Fashion, Retail and Beauty in 2015.

But how can you can brands use it today? What are the latest advancements in VR? And the new possibilities of this tech?

In this special Fashion Week Meetup with Rothenberg Ventures, you will learn:

• The difference between augmented reality and virtual reality

• Some interesting applications of virtual reality that you might not have thought of

• Why all industries should be thinking about virtual reality

• And why women should really be thinking about VR!

You will also learn about Rothenberg Ventures’ recently launchedRiver – the world’s top virtual reality accelerator. Hear first hand about the first companies in this initial batch.

Anarghya Vardhana,  an investor at Rothenberg Ventures, and among the few female experts focused on the virtual reality ecosystem. Prior to Rothenberg Ventures, Anarghya Vardhana was a startup product leader, and worked on products at Google.

FaceCake Marketing Technologies
An augmented reality retail platform for fashion and beauty pushing the dressing room walls of possibility by elevating and personalizing the shopping experience.

Virtual Reality Ventures

Enter via the Microsoft Welcome Center, located on 8th Avenue between 41st and 42nd Street. Must bring a valid ID for security.

Thanks to our partners, Rothenberg Ventures & Drizly!


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