“In conjunction with CoLab, on Jan. 7, Fashionista will launch its own premium private advertising exchange. Fashionista’s goal is to meet the advertising needs of premium fashion, beauty, retail and luxury brands by accessing Fashionista’s unique desktop, tablet and mobile audiences. TEST”

“Apple could be planning to bring out a gadget even smaller than Apple Watch – a tiny ‘smart ring’. The company recently patented an ‘iRing’ which could take photographs, send messages and tell the time. “

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“One of the biggest trends in the fashion and retail worlds today is the rise of “athleisure” – athletic apparel that people can wear in non-athletic settings. Think of women wearing yoga pants for a night out after work. Think of CEOs wearing sneakers to board meetings.”

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Decoded Fashion hits SXSW Interactive on March 13-17 – in the run-up, we’ll be posting content that gives you a sneak peek of what to expect: including panel sessions, special events and the return of our Mentorship Hub.

The Fashion Hacked exhibit is Decoded Fashion’s showcase of the best of the new generation of functional design: whether that’s wearables that resemble investment jewellery, or groundbreaking redesigns of existing concepts. The selection will display the most innovative of the fashion-meets-tech brands and startups on the scene today. Beginning with the exploding quantified ‘self’ sector – such as watches and active wear – here’s the first part of our rundown of those need-to-know names.


RXActive makes innovative activewear with integrated resistance bands – designed to push your body to its limits and get way more out of your workouts. Plus, the founding team are medical students – so you can trust they know what they’re talking about.


A new fitness band on the block, the sleek-looking Movo Wave stands out for two reasons: the functionality of its tracking system that includes connectivity to your Camera Roll to further chronicle the day’s movements, and the ultra-accessible price at just $29.99.


The quantified self is all well and good, but what about a wearable that helps you relax? Olive is a good-looking bracelet that combines tailored intelligence and on-the-go seamless functionality that, together, help you take small steps to conquer stress and recognize when you’re feeling your best.


The Kairos T-band isn’t even an entire wearable – in fact, it’s just the strap. By attaching to traditional watch faces, the T-band adds smart functionality to your favourite accessory – perfect for those who want all the benefits of the wearables revolution without changing up their usual style.

Full details of Decoded Fashion’s SXSW activities can be found here.

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“Olapic, the social media aggregation and curation service for brands and stores, has launched a new service to turn images shared on platforms like Facebook or Instagram into store portals on Pinterest.”

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“London’s technology industry is to take on almost 2,000 new apprentices, The Telegraph can reveal. To mark the opening of London Technology Week, companies including IBM, Virgin Media, Capgemini and British Airways will take on up to 200 apprentices each.”

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