Fashion, Beauty & Retail

Decoded Fashion brings together leading innovators and disruptors from the world’s biggest Fashion, Beauty and Retail brands.

We enable the discovery of new, emerging and disruptive tech through our summits and meetups all over the world.

Join our events to network and build relationships with industry peers, tech and innovation companies and startup founders, all seeking to push the industry forward.

Decoded Fashion connects the biggest brands with the most visionary tech.

“Being part of Decoded Fashion is a really great opportunity to work with thinkers across the industries. With a unique cross-industry perspective, it’s one of the first events of it’s kind and a great way to exchange some amazing ideas.”

Grant Barth, Chief Merchandising Officer, Levis Strauss & Co 

“It’s a good way of encouraging this kind of dialogue and debate about how you use technology, what tech means to fashion and what initiatives you can deploy.”

Zach Duane, CEO, Victoria Beckham

 “There’s a lot of tech companies trying to be in fashion and a lot of fashion companies trying to be in tech, but they need to really both be their own experts and work collaboratively together and I think Decoded Fashion does a great job of facilitating the conversation.” 

Michelle Sadlier, Head of Innovation & Social Media, Hunter

“Part of the opportunity with Decoded Fashion is they have a platform and audience where they can actually gather the right people together and connecting us with startups that are very interesting.”

 Alistair Allan, Head of Digital Marketing, TOPSHOP


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