Greats is Building a Brand on Affordable Sneakers, Wearable Tech Won’t Take Off Until Prices Go Down, Bloomingdale’s Gives Beauty Tips Via Instagram Contest, Google Glass Accessory Store Online


  1. Ecomm Newcomer Greats is Building a Brand on Sweet, Affordable Sneakers
    The latest addition to the genus Ecommerce Lowoverheadus is Greats, a men’s footwear brand that launched in August.
  2. Wearable Tech Won’t Take Off Until the Price Comes Down
    Google Glass, smart watches and fitness trackers appealing to plenty of Brits and Americans, but current costs are a barrier.
  3. Bloomingdale’s Balances Selfies with Beauty Tips in Instagram Contest
    Department store chain Bloomingdale’s is letting fans determine the best selfie shot from its #BloomieSelfie Instagram contest to increase participation and spread awareness of the campaign.
  4. Google Glass Accessory Store Comes Online
    Google has launched an accessory store for Google Glass which is available to existing Glass owners.