Twice Raises $18.5 Million, WearToday Lets You Share Your Style, Sarah Jessica Parker To Be Curator for WeTheAdorned, Top Trends to Watch Out for 2014

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  1. Twice, the Consignment Shop of the Internet, Raises $18.5 Million
    Twice lets users mail in gently used clothes for money, or shop online for new clothes, sorted by brand, size, color and style.
  2. Ogle Outfits and Share Your Unique Style with WearToday
    Launching on iOS in invite-only beta, WearToday lets you photograph your current outfit, ID your clothes and share full-body shots with tags of your threads.
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker Hops on Another Fashion Venture for WeTheAdorned
    WeTheAdorned, a new jewelry e-commerce venture, has enlisted the “Sex and the City” alumna as a curator for its site, which is set to launch this spring.
  4. Top Trends to Watch Out for 2014
    PSFK and Mixhibit examine the new trends that will pop up this year, including holistic health and a growing tech intimacy.