Zappos Lab’s Retail Trends, Online Vintage Startups, Google Glasses Hits the Subway, and Facebook Graph Search

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Retailing 2013: Fashion and Tech Trends to Watch
Zappos Lab’s director Will Young shares his top fashion and tech retail trends for 2013 — including big data, mobile and 3-D printing — with Forbes.

Fashion 2.0: Online Vintage Heats Up
Business of Fashion looks at the sudden surge of activity in the online resale of vintage and worn fashion goods. What are the challenges and what is the long-term impact of this wave of startups?

Google Glass (And Sergey Brin) Ride the NYC Subway
Google Glasses spotted on the 3-train! “Wearable computing enthusiast” Noah Zerkin apparently looked up at the seat opposite him on a NYC subway to find Google Glasses co-founder Sergey Brin sporting his now-trademark eye wear. Reported by Mashable.

Facebook Graph Search: Why This Could Be So Important for the Future of Big Data
How Facebook’s graph search plays-out could have enormous implications for the commercial future of many social media properties, including Google. Social Media Today discusses the Battle of Big Data.

Social Media Can Boost the Bottom Line
When customers engage with a business through social media, they contribute about 5.6 percent more to the firm’s bottom line than customers who do not, according to a study at the University of Buffalo. Read more at