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Adding Value: Long-Lasting Products

Savvy brands are shaking up existing consumption cycles to appeal to the ethical consumer's ideal of ownership. Opportunities for repair, return schemes and the creation of new product archetypes are improving product lifespans and consumer-brand relationships alike.

- Delaying Disposal
- Tools For Repair
- Adaptable Design
- Service Over Purchase

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Moderate Millennials: Generation Staid

Millennials are often seen as feckless, self-absorbed hedonists, but there's more to this much-discussed generation than meets the eye – they're also moderate, thrifty and complex.

- Think Again
- On The Down Low
- New Youth
- Don’t Drink, Don’t Smoke

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Beyond Ad Blocking

Far from representing a crisis for marketers, the rise of ad blocking will unlock new opportunities for brands across industries. We speak to key media and marketing influencers to discover how you can thrive in a post ad-block world.

- Rise Of Ad Blocking
- Redefining Metrics
- Invested Consumers
- Native Opportunities

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Rapid Retail & Bite-Sized Engagement

Consumers' increasingly busy lives are fuelling the growth of retail concepts based on speed and convenience. From swift payments and bite-sized 'brand bait', to streamlined store layouts, we spotlight key tactics for keeping pace.

- Need For Speed
- Express Retail As A Taster Strategy
- Ultra-Prompt Payments
- Streamlined Store Layouts
- Fast-Track Apps

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Wondrous Response

Shape-shifting and self-transforming materials have been on our radar for a while, but the latest technologies inform a new level of intelligent materials that spontaneously respond to specific stimuli. Other advances include intuitive and highly flexible materials that will alter our interaction with everyday technology.

- Intelligent Materials
- Weather Responsive
- Clever Interaction

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