NY: Supercharged Retail @ Normal

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015 @ 6.30PM

How do you create a supercharged retail experience in a digital era? What does it take to get a consumer to look twice? We’ll explore great examples during our May #DFMeetup at the brand new, super-cool, retail & production facilities of Normal.

Nikki Kaufman, Founder, will give us an inside look into ‘What is Normal?’ You’re pretty unique, yeah? Your ears are definitely unique, but you’ve been insisting on shoving oddly shaped things in them. Things that aren’t Normal, that aren’t personalized or customized, and that’s just all kinds of crazy. Normal allows you to fully customize your own set of earphones, which are 3D printed based on the nooks and crannies of your ear, and your ear alone. Since life is weird enough, it’s time for something Normal.

Startups supercharging the norm:

Tulip works with experience-driven traditional retailers who have a vision of digital commerce that, together with the physical store, creates a blended online + mobile + in-store experience for consumers that is the best of all worlds.

memomi created the world’s first “Digital Mirror” software platform bridging the online-offline worlds with advanced data capture and analytics. Using simple body gestures, or the smartphone app, shoppers can control the MemoryMirror to see 360-degree back and side views of themselves in new outfits; change outfit styles, sizes, and colors; see themselves dressed in different outfits side-by-side; and instantly share images and videos of themselves with friends via smartphones and social media.

SKU IQ integrated commerce platform enables physical retailers to integrate their Online <> Offline inventory systems in real time for operational excellence and omni-channel revenues (aka. in-store pick up, same day delivery and more).
As always, #DFMeetup will end with networking and drinks (it is Cinco de Mayo after all)!