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Moving away from fashion for a bit, we would like to discuss the launch of AHAlife’s latest installment – AHAnoir. AHAnoir is a destination for luxury adult products. That’s right, we’re talking about sex toys. But first, let’s talk about the brains behind this project.

Founded in 2009 by Shauna Mei and Matt Wilkerson, AHAlife has been introduced to us as an e-commerce site for unique lifestyle products. Considering that the company has always encouraged its customers to live their lives to the fullest, the launch of the new sex-themed sister site should come to us as no surprise.

AHAnoir aims to inspire its consumers to awaken their sexual instincts via a curated collection of adult products including apparel, toys, jewelry, and furniture. As the field of adult products grows, AHAnoir plans to provide its consumers a luxurious, more sophisticated approach to this field many consider “taboo”. The merchandise featured on the site comes from artisanal designers who have manufactured unique pieces.

Even though AHAnoir.com is a website that should not be visited while at work (trust me, it will not go unnoticed), it is definitely a page every adult should take the time to browse, and enjoy. The site not only offers shoppable merchandise to its consumers, it also gives us the chance to get to know each designer featured on site and how-to guides to sex, love, and dating.

AHAnoir will be hosting educational events and “passion parties” open to the public in New York regularly. Raunchy!