“Rakuten, Japan’s top online retail firm, has pulled an Amazon after it launched its own branded Android app store today. The company is promising that ‘Rakuten App Ichiba’ will not only give customers a chance to gain loyal points from money spent on Android apps, but furthermore it’ll offer stronger security measures than Google’s own app store.”

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“There may be an app for everything, but only a few retail apps earned an “excellent” rating in a recent study of Android apps. Nine retail Android apps have been rated excellent based on a study of consumer reviews and app performance by appbackr, a mobile app measurement firm.”

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“BBM will launch on Android Wear in “early 2015″, according to BlackBerry execs speaking to press at the show. Features will apparently include new message alerts, the ability to preview or view full messages, and also reply to messages hands free using Google Now or by selecting preset messages to send.”

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“When Google explains Now as a product it sounds amazing. Here is a technology that knows enough about your life to present you with information relevant to you, when you need to see it, which makes it one of the most exciting innovations in tech from the last five years. More than any other company, Google has pushed the boundaries both of what is acceptable from a privacy standpoint, and what’s possible technically.”

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“The days of the $100+ activity tracker might be over; Movo, a consumer tech company out of NYC, is kicking off pre-orders today for a $29 wearable wrist band that tracks steps, distance traveled and calories burned, collecting and reporting that data via an iOS and Android app. The Movo Wave, as the device is called, is expected to launch this fall following its self-hosted pre-order campaign.”

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“A new feature lets a retailer take a shopper directly to a page within its mobile app, rather than to a page on a mobile web site. For now, it only works on Android phones, as Google knows which apps an Android user has installed. Google says it will add the service to other phones, although one expert says that could take a while.”

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  1. H&M’s COS Brand Will Launch U.S. E-commerce in 2014
    COSH&M‘s minimalist, higher-end sister brand, is officially coming to the US. 
  2. Curated Accessories Startup Boticca Acquires Local French Player, Begins International Expansion
    Hot on the heals of its $4M Series A round led-by London-based MMC Ventures, ‘curated’ accessories market Boticca is gunning to be the ‘Fab of accessories’, rolling out internationally.
  3. Sephora, and Avon Launch on “Catalog Spree” Mobile Shopping App
    Catalog Spree, the personalized digital mall that lets beauty junkies discover and shop their fave brands on the iPhone and iPad, has launched a new mobile beauty department with lookbooks for and Avon.
  4. Ion Glasses are a Stylish Alternative to Google Glass
    A group of engineers from Elche, Spain have developed a stylish range of prescription lens-compatible frames that are able to communicate with a wearer’s iOS and Android devices.