“Because I am a little early, and in true Paris fashion week tradition the morning’s schedule is already running a little late, I spend the first half hour of my visit to Loewe’s Parisian headquarters in the basement kitchen. This being Paris fashion week, however, this is a little better than it sounds: long, scrubbed, pale wood benches and a table piled with bowls of kumquats and slivers of lemon cake on a white platter.”

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Image source: AlpStories, Croatia

In order to communicate its innovative approach to beauty retail, Slovenian cosmetics brand AlpStories enlisted Croatian interior design studio Brigada to create a tech-enhanced concept for its new store in Zagreb, Croatia, including an on-site robot that mixes personalised skincare products.

Situated inside the Arena Centre shopping mall, the store concept emulates its online retail model, which invites consumers to custom-create products by combining selected natural ingredients, such as vitamin-rich plant extracts sourced from the Austrian Alps. They can also design their own packaging; colour-ways, logos and a personal photo can all be added.

The co-creation happens in a customisation area stationed in the middle of the store. An AlpStories specialist provides one-to-one consultations using a skin analysis machine to determine the skin type and the combination of ingredients that will suit the customer best. Armed with that data, the personalised concoction is created using a mixing station partnered with a touchscreen digital kiosk, plus a robot inside a glass-walled studio that prepares the product.

The spatial design tempers the overall emphasis on scientific acumen with a nature-inspired aesthetic. Materials including pine wooden shelves and slate walls showcase product, while a photographic mural of a mountainous scene, referencing the product’s core ingredients, stretches across the back wall.

While some beauty brands are enhancing their selling spaces with lifestyle-focused initiatives to engage consumers, others are using high-tech concepts or science-inspired spatial design to denote industry innovation and advanced product knowledge.

Guest post by Samantha Fox


“Technology giants Google, IBM and Microsoft rounded out the top 5 alongside Coca-Cola, while the highest ranked fashion brand was Louis Vuitton, good enough for 19th place on this year’s list. Retail giant H&M and sportswear manufacturer Nike followed closely at 21 and 22 respectively. Iconic luxury brands like Gucci, Hermés and Cartier continue to make the list year after year with little fluctuation, but newcomer Hugo Boss surprised many with its first appearance ever.”

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“The move, which comes a little more than a week after the online marketplace announced it was spinning off PayPal, aims to draw shoppers to eBay in the lead-up to the holiday season. The campaign includes four TV spots as well a range of online and mobile ad buys and advertising on social networks.”

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“Through using Instagram, iconic fashion brands have realized just how powerful the social media app truly is. So much so that the two have joined forces to create video advertising campaign that will be displayed exclusively via Instagram’s newsfeed.”

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Kering, parent of luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen, have entered a new venture with pro surfer Kelly Slater, who has been sponsored by Quiksilver since 1990.

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coco social media

Coco Rocha is a role model for social media, but also a teacher, leading classes on social media best practices for other fashion models. She shares her top three tips with us, lessons that work for tech founders, fashion designers, retailers and individuals who love and work with style, fashion and e-commerce.

  1. Don’t have just anyone run your social media. I think it’s insane when brands or celebrities relegate their social media to an intern or someone who does not know them well. Personally, even though I have a great PR team, no one except my husband and I touch any of my 10 social media accounts. It’s a lot of work, but I know that my brand, my image and my voice are authentic to me.
  2. Be consistent. Your audience wants to hear from you regularly but not too regularly. Don’t over share. People have no problem clicking “unfollow” if they feel you’re over saturating their feed. For 3 years now, I have seen people use Tumblr the way they should be using Pinterest. I also see people copying content far too much. Be original and invent content, don’t just copy and paste it.
  3. If you’re going to post pictures, be really selective about it. If I’m capturing a sunset I’ll take at least 10 pictures, I’ll then filter them using other apps, enhance them, then I really pick the best image of perhaps 30. No one wants to follow someone who does not take pride in composing an aesthetically beautiful picture. No random snap shots–treat every upload as if it was a work of art.

Coco will be speaking on the future of fashion and technology at Decoded Fashion Forum on Feb. 14. Read her thoughts on social media here, and follow her on Twitter @cocorocha.