Citi Bikes

NYC has some great news for its daily commuters! Now that the weather has gotten better, or at least bearable, New Yorkers can now go back to riding Citi Bikes to work, school or just for fun.

Shapeways and Tomorrow Lab have partnered to offer NYC’s frequent riders a fashionable approach to Citi Bike’s key fobs – in the form of a 3D printed gold key necklace. Otherwise known as 24 Share-it Gold.


Tomorrow Lab’s idea originated as an attempt to fix Citi Bike’s current key fob version that tends to crack and break time after time. The company decided to place Citi Bike key’s enabling technology – the RFID antenna – inside a trendy gold necklace in order to avoid breakage of any sort. Even though 24 Share-it Gold is still in its prototype phase, it’s one of the most useful (not to mention stylish) developments in this wearable tech wave we’ve been experiencing for the past couple of weeks.

We can’t wait until these keys are available to the public!