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“Decoded Fashion hosted its first Asian summit in Tokyo last week, bringing local and international startups face-to-face with Japanese fashion and retail executives. Five of the startups in attendance also pitched their product or service for a chance to show it off at Isetan, the famed luxury department store that started as a kimono shop in 1886.”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily -  Tokyo Summitt

“What do fashion shows and tech expos have in common? Both are looking seasons – if not years – into the future. Despite this common ground, however, the two sectors rarely intermingle. The tech and startup world prides itself on being casual, even nerdy – a far cry from the luxury fashion space, where every fold and frill is deliberate.”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily -  Decoded Fashion Summit

“The runners-up included Jon Lou, who designed a leather handbag that charges your smartphone; Kovert Designs, a self-described “New Age design house” that inserted “smart stones” into special jewelry that notifies you when someone is calling; Machina, maker of a hoodie that allows you to listen to your music without headphones; and Viawear for its leather wrap bracelet that vibrates when your phone rings. Whether it’s rings, bracelets, bags, or jackets, each of these products shares a common goal: helping a technologically overloaded world unplug.

There were a few compelling ideas presented, but Cuff, the winner of the competition, offered a unique purpose with its alert system.”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily - Cuff Wearables

Decoded Fashion - Weekly Stories - Beautiful Function Wearables Competition Finalists

Tomorrow, on November 18, the worlds of fashion, retail, and tech will join forces for the kick off of Decoded Fashion’s two-day New York Summit. Rebecca Minkoff, Nordstrom, Barneys, kate spade, Google,, and more will meet to discuss wearable tech challenges and the latest ideas around retail innovation.

One of the highlights of the summit will be the finals of the Beautiful Function wearables competition, which aims to identify the most consumer-friendly and beautiful wearable device launched this year. Five finalist startups, chosen because of the striking design and functionality of their wearable, will pitch live on stage to a panel of industry leaders on November 18. All finalists’ wearables cater to the U.S. market, are ready to market today and are currently available for pre-order. The winning team will be featured on

The finalists are:

Cuff: Cuff serves as an alert system, with the ability to track your fitness and send notifications. The interchangeable modules, called CuffLincs, connect directly to an iPhone or Android application.

Jon Lou: The 314 handbag charges your smartphone and lights up to help you find your interior items. With powerful off-the-grid energy developed at MIT, you can keep an iPhone 6 charged for one month. Made in Italy.

Kovert Designs: Kovert’s modular collection of smart designer jewellery allows customers to insert the Altruis Stone into different ring, bracelet and necklace designs. Using their app, the user can set the smart stone to vibrate for particular notifications (filtered by key contact or keyword). Kovert will be announcing a small handful of collaboration collections with brands/designers in 2015.

Machina: A hoodie with speakers integrated into it. It allows its wearer to hear music without having to insert headphones into their ear. Music can be controlled via Bluetooth, using an iPhone, iPod or Android device.

Viawear: Tyia, Viawear’s smart bracelet, sends notifications using gentle vibrations and color. Tyia is designed to make things easier, richer, more beautiful and more focused, helping you connect with real life instead of just your digital one.

The competition judges are:

Myf Ryan, Marketing, Director UK & Europe, Westfield
Dirk Standen, Editor-in-Chief,
Olivia Kim, Director of Creative Projects, Nordstrom
Simon Collins, Dean, Parsons The New School for Design

“There is a lot of excitement, but also confusion about the possibilities for wearables and fashion today. During next week’s summit, we will reveal big players outside of everyone’s radar. We will discuss what matters in the immediate future and expose the technology that will help get us there,” said Liz Bacelar, founder and president of Decoded Fashion. “The Decoded Fashion Summit is about being ahead of the story, discarding pre-conceived notions and learning new possibilities emerging around the world.”

Decoded Fashion New York will take place on November 18-19, 2014 at Metropolitan West. The full agenda can be found here.


“Embrace e-commerce and establish online presence early on – or risk getting left behind, designers at Decoded Fashion are told.”

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