“Alice Robbiani, a design student at ECAL / University of Art and Design in Lausanne Switzerland, was looking for a focus for her final project when the thought struck her that the charger she used for her iPhone could be something else entirely.”

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“An emerging set of platforms and services are making it easier for inventors to navigate the complex landscape of copyright and bring their ideas to market.”

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“Talk that 3D printing will spark a revolution in manufacturing is common these days. Soon that could very well be the case, but for now most 3D printers still require a grasp on some technical ins and outs that make them a hard sell to the average consumer. The DreamVendor is not a new type of 3D printer. It’s a new way to use them, and it’s pretty clever at that.”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily - DreamVendor 3D Printing Vending Machine

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Twitter on Route to Maturity — Maybe IPO
“We believe Twitter is valuable to everybody on the planet.” Wall Street Journal talks to Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo.

Pinterest’s Retail Problem
AdWeek reports that 48 percent of top retailers’ most popular products on Pinterest link back to expired pages, and discusses the common problem for retailers.

A New Job For Marc Jacobs…In the Soda Bizz?
Marc Jacobs is creating new packaging for Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary in Europe. has all the details on the “whimsical, feminine packaging.”