“Imagine getting a few dollars back for each purchase of a dress at Asos or a watch at Lazada – or any item, for that matter. That’s the promise of Shopback, a Singapore-based ecommerce cashback startup that’s already offering discounts at over 300 online stores in under a year.”

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will i am

Will.I.Am Says the Future of Tech is ‘Inside the Box’
Will.I.Am tells kids it’s cool to be an engineer and talks about where the next big changes are coming from. Mashable has more.

Liberation From the Size Tag
Despite measurement technology, the fashion and retail industry is no closer to a consistent sizing system than decades ago. But according to the Wall Street Journal, a number of new brands are using the internet to offer flexible sizing with semi-custom designs.

A Barney’s Warehouse Sale Year-round? This is Kinda Like That
Barney’s will launch a website for their warehouse sale items that will offer deep discounts on designer duds year-round. explains it all.