“One of the caveats of online shopping is that you can’t fit the item itself. Once you’ve received an item and find it unflattering on you, it can be a hassle to ask for refunds and return the item. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business for the retailer. Try aims to remove this inconvenience by offering online shoppers the chance to try the items at home for free.”

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“Earlier this week in the Sussex Downs of Southern England, the weather was turbulent and stormy; the rain came down for almost 48 hours.”

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  1. Britain Becomes World’s Leading E-Commerce Exporter
    These are Britain’s top e-retailers to watch in 2014.
  2. Buyhandpicked Applies Mechanical Turk Model to Personal Shopping
    Enter buyhandpicked.com: a startup building a platform where online shoppers can submit detailed shopping requests, and — at the other end of the pipe — get humans to go a-hunting on their behalf.
  3. Keep.com Lets You Shop for Items on Instagram
    Instagram made photo filters famous, but ecommerce startup Keep is using a different kind of filter to build a business out of the the images that fashionable women share via their Instagram accounts.
  4. H&M Launching Recycled Denim Capsule
    Fast-fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz AB is set to launch the first products made from the fibers of used clothing collected through its garment recycling initiative, launched in February 2013.