Inventory management

“Karen Millen [IRDX RKMI] is using technology to get a better view of its stock, no matter where it is. The fashion retailer is using Retail Assist’s omnichannel supply chain solution Merret to gain an omnichannel view of stock. That means it can fulfil orders through the most efficient and cost-effective channel.”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily - Karen Millen

Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily - Warby Parker


1. Visual Web Makes Luxury Brands See Digital In A Different Light

The rise of high-impact digital media has allowed luxury brands to create powerful visual stories.

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Kenneth Cole has teamed up with digital agency Ready Set Rocket to launch the first fashion campaign that uses the Google Glass app.

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Glassdoor’s 50 highest rated CEOs in 2014 featured 14 CEOs from the tech industry, making it the most represented industry in the list.

4. Warby Parker’s New Store Delivers Your Glasses Via Pneumatic Tube

The retailer has solved an inventory problem by using an innovative point-of-sale system that delivers glasses directly from the stock room to the sales floor via pneumatic tubes.