“Alice Robbiani, a design student at ECAL / University of Art and Design in Lausanne Switzerland, was looking for a focus for her final project when the thought struck her that the charger she used for her iPhone could be something else entirely.”

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  1. Rent the Runway App Allows you to Match your Dress to Anything
    Rent the Runway has released an app for iPhone and iPad.
  2. Virtual Fitting Room Fashion App, Stylewhile
    Stylewhile lets you pick a real-life model based on your body type and try on a mix of clothing to test out which sizes and looks work best for your body.
  3. Flea Market App Stuffle Raises Seven-Figure Cash and “Media for Equity” Funding
    The German startup has raised a “seven-figure” founding round led by Tivola Ventures, and Leverate Media.
  4. 10 Extravagant Accessories for Techie Fashionistas
    Whether you’re looking to glam up your tech arsenal or you just want to ogle shiny, expensive things, here are 10 of the most extravagant tech accessories for the geeky fashionista.


  1. How Fashion Brands are Using Vine
    Even though Vine launched a few weeks before Fashion Week this February, the future of Vine in the fashion industry does not point towards success, especially now, that Instagram has launched its very own video feature.
  2. Catch the Latest Issue of Vogue Paris, Now Available on Your iPhone
    Condé Nast publications have released a new iPhone version of Vogue which can be downloaded as a PDF file or simply read through a mobile phone. This version also allows the reader to share things via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  3. 3D Printed Fashion Show Draws Inspiration from Nature
    Fashion designer Melinda Looi, known for her experimental designs, and 3D printing company, Materialise, have teamed up to create a collection for Asia’s first 3D printed fashion show.
  4. Kate Moss to Get Creative with Carphone Wearhouse
    Fashion model, Kate Moss, will be working with Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s largest mobile retailer, to create a line of fashion accessories which will be very influence by technology.


Soul to sole: Eye surgeon Anthony Vipin Das has developed shoes that see for the blind
TED Blog reports that Le Chal is a new haptic shoe which uses vibrations and GPS technology to guide the blind.

A shirt that reveals your baby’s secrets even while it sleeps
These clothes help you stay in-the-know of your baby’s thoughts and wellbeing, even when they are sound asleep. DeviceMAG has more.

New Japanese craze: Knickers for iPhones’ nether regions
Do you think your iPhone is showing off too much? No worries, you can now dress its lower regions with pants that come in 8 different designs. Read more about the latest Japanese craze on The Register.



Rachel Tipograph is “making Gap cool again for the first time since Bill Clinton was President,” according to Business Insider. As Gap’s Global Director of Digital & Social Media, Rachel oversees strategy, implementation and measurement. She judged the pitches at the world’s first Fashion Hackathon, and we chatted with her on what tech she can’t live without.

Decoded Fashion: What is the most useful technology to you in your job as Global Director of Digital & Social Media at Gap?
Rachel Tipograph: My iPhone. The social web doesn’t care about time nor space and having a computer in my pocket always allows me to do my job from anywhere and anytime. And Radian6. Social media stretches across every discipline of the business, and Radian6 allows anyone from the C-suite to community managers listen to conversations about Gap worldwide.

DF: What areas of fashion-tech are extremely crowded?
RT: Affiliate programs, ad tech, and SaS for social media. With the explosion of content, conversation and data happening across the web, one of the first opportunities entrepreneurs addressed was 1) how to turn massive amounts of data into meaningful interactions, and 2) turn those interactions into something that’s actionable in the sales funnel. As a result, there are an abundance of companies that have come to be in the affiliate space, ad tech and SaS for social.

DF: What areas of fashion-tech are relatively unexplored?
RT: In-store technologies and enterprise SaS. 2013 will be the year the B-to-B space explodes with innovation. Many entrepreneurs are taking learning from the B-to-C space and applying it to B-to-B. In addition, IT technology is improving at rapid speed, the cost of technology is becoming more affordable, all of these variables will influence innovation within organizations.