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“In the interest of learning how those things are coming together, [Fashionista] rang up Isabelle Olsson, the lead designer of Google Glass, to hear about how she and the rest of her team operate.”

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  1. Fashion GPS Updates Radar App to Streamline Search Style Requests
    With the update, Fashion GPS is bringing in some features from other apps to make GPS Radar a more full-featured experience.
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    This year during NWFW, Marc Jacobs is set to open the “Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop”.
  3. The Google Glass Redesign, and How Isabelle Olsson Made the Face Computer into a Thing of Beauty
    Google glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson talks with Fast Company about the inspirations behind glass’s fashion-forward redesign, with classic styles that let you blend in with the crowd.
  4. Watch the Trailer for Victoria Beckham’s Skype Project
    We finally have all the details for Victoria Beckham’s project and there’s even a trailer that will debut on the Internet Thursday, Jan. 30.