“It can be hard out there on social media for the brands. Their tweets and Facebook posts reach millions of people, and while the results can sometimes be iconic, it seems they’re more likely to make a splash for the inevitable apologies after cringe-inducing attempts to join a national conversation (as the Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks demonstrated on Monday).”

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“Israel’s dynamic tech startup scene is no secret. The country has been called the “start-up nation” for years and, today, only the U.S. and China have more companies listed on the NASDAQ than Israel’s 90 – worth a total of $40 billion. Innovation continues and a new crop of Israeli tech startups are on their way up, transforming healthcare, entertainment, finance, media and a myriad of other industries.”

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  1. Social Media Fuels 21st Century Fashion Revolution
    The explosion of social media is perhaps the greatest revolution in fashion since Mary Quant’s mini skirt, transforming the industry’s branding and fan base.
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    Olga Vidisheva of Shoptiques introduces them to the world-and brings a world of new shoppers to them.
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    3D Printshow New York will feature a live catwalk show to showcase the latest 3D printed fashion designs and wearable tech.
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    How Israeli technology is changing the way you shop for fashion online.