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“Bought something in-store recently? Chances are, your purchase path began online. Today, almost 80 percent of shoppers who buy in-store start their path to purchase on web or mobile. Multi-channel shopping habits provide a new set of challenges for retailers—mainly, how to convert online browsing into an in-store purchase.”

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“In 2015 it’s predicted that tablets will outsell PCs (desktop and laptop) for the first time, marking the end of a transition period which has seen mobile move from a marketing afterthought to a core focus in the consumer market. With this change in user and buyer habits, does this really mean the PC is dead?”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily -  Mobile Shopping

“One of the biggest opportunities for retail in the coming years will be the ability to recognize shoppers as they arrive. And instead of requiring a shop keep with an excellent memory, various technologies will enable the automatic authentication of visitors, opening up a whole new world of targeted experiences. Imagine receiving personalized offers based on previous purchases or even your exact location in the store.”

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  1. Hearst, Estée Lauder Flipboard Launch Brand Magazine
    Estée Lauder teamed with Hearst Magazines Digital Media to create a new Flipboard brand magazine titled Estée Lauder Beauty Book.
  2. Mobile Shopping Companion Clutch, Raises $5M Series B, Acquires Gift and Loyalty Platform Provier ProfitPoint
    Clutch, a mobile application for iPhone and Android which aims to combine gift cards, coupons, comparison shopping, gifting, and personalized recommendations all under one roof.
  3. Orlebar Brown Receives £8M Investment
    Premium swimwear brand Orlebar Brown has received investment totalling £8m after selling off a minority stake to private equity firm Piper.
  4. Hot Watch Turns your Palm into a Mobile Phone
    HOT Watch is a new smartwatch with a directional speaker and microphone embedded in the wrist, allowing the wearer to answer phone calls by cupping their hand to their ear.