Paul Deneve


  1. Why Did Apple Just Hire a Fashion Industry CEO?
    Yves Saint Laurent’s ex CEO, Paul Deneve, has left the fashion house and is now being hired by tech power company, Apple.
  2. GoldieBlox, the Toy That Aims to Get Girls Hooked on Engineering is Coming to a Toys ‘R’ Us Near You
    The California based startup will now be selling their engineering and science themed girls’ toys at the major toy store, Toys ‘R’ Us.
  3. Smartwatches Hit the Mainstream, Pebble Lands at Best Buy
    The Kickstarter smartwatch startup, Pebble, has recently landed a deal to sell its wearable tech devices at Best Buy.
  4. Shop Louis Vuitton at Your Fingertips
    As many high luxury brands have become a part of the mobile commerce giant, Louis Vuitton decided to join and publicly announce it via an animated video.