“The days of the $100+ activity tracker might be over; Movo, a consumer tech company out of NYC, is kicking off pre-orders today for a $29 wearable wrist band that tracks steps, distance traveled and calories burned, collecting and reporting that data via an iOS and Android app. The Movo Wave, as the device is called, is expected to launch this fall following its self-hosted pre-order campaign.”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily - Movo Wave

“The Timex Ironman One GPS+, is a self-contained sports watch that allows for GPS location tracking, email-based wireless messaging, and systems to track your speed, distance, and position at all times as well as notify your friends and family of where you are. It connects to cellular networks via AT&T, has a large color touchscreen and includes one year of mobile data service.”

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“What would it take to get people actually buying smartwatches in droves? Could FASHION be the answer?

A new odd trio aims to find out, with HP teaming up with fashion flash sales site Gilt and designer Michael Bastian (via Fashionista) to create a smartwatch that looks smart, too.”

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Decoded Fashion - Fashion Tech Daily - Michael Bastian Smartwatch

This week saw the launch of two pieces of wearable tech that we actually want to wear. The normal geek piece has gone from zero to hero in just a matter of days.

Decoded Fashion - News - Withings Activite Wearable Fitness Tracker

First up WithingsActivité, this health technology company launched a fitness tracker that looks just like an analog watch. Its aesthetics were designed by a team in Paris and it was manufactured using Swiss craftsmanship. At $390 USD a piece, it syncs with a smartphone app to monitor fitness activity during the day and sleep cycles during the night. Thanks to information it receives from the users’ phone, it will also always indicate the right time and time zone for ones’ location.

Decoded Fashion - News - Motorola Moto360 Smartwatch

Later in the week came Motorola’s Moto360, the first wearable that runs Android Wear and has a round display. Other Android Wear devices set to become available in early July are rectangular and still look more like one of those old-school Casio watches that would double-up as a calculator (more about them here). The Moto360 is undoubtedly the more covetable option. In terms of motivations behind its design, David Pierce revealed that “Motorola executives […] asked a bunch of children to draw a watch. They all drew round ones, so Motorola had its design.” According to the snazzy product site, we will be able to purchase one of these in a selection of styles this summer. Minuum have also already created a keyboard app for it.

Are the times of boxy wrist wearables coming to an end? Do we no longer need to out ourselves as fitness freaks or geeks by opting for one of these devices? Perhaps the iWatch debut, supposedly taking place in October, will shed more light on this. We’re also eager to see who will enter collaborations with fashion or luxury timepiece brands in this space.

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“The Motorola Moto 360 is the first Android Wear smartwatch with a round face. The Moto 360 won’t go on sale until later this summer, and Motorola hasn’t announced a price.”

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Decoded Fashion - FashionTech Daily - Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch

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