Decoded Fashion’s Milan ’15 summit, presented by, was a magnet for Europe’s digitally astute brand leaders, retail analysts and tech pioneers, with a distinctly luxury edge. Straddling personalisation, digital authentication and editorialised commerce were just some of the topics discussed. Key takeaways from the summit also included:

Liquid Retail: The affect of the Internet of Things on omni-channel
Smart Textiles: Intuitive textiles that respond to a wearer’s needs
Evolving Social Commerce: Making customer service tools more social

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Exploring the theme of Game Changers, the latest Decoded Fashion Summit brought together leaders in retail, marketing, technology and design for two days of lively debate on the intersection of fashion and innovation. Key takeaways from the summit included:

Personalised Pocket Storefronts: Capturing mobile shopping intent
Booming Beacons: Adding contextual content to the retail experience
Fashion’s Fast Future: Making fast fashion sustainable

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Launching its inaugural Japanese summit in Tokyo, Decoded Fashion – a pioneering forum aligning fashion, retail and technology – explored globalisation, disruptive socialised e­commerce in Asia, and conquering the digital­-physical landscape. Key takeaways from the summit included:

Disruptive Worlds: Social media channels are powering engagement
Consumer-Creators Evolve: Tapping into fan-generated content
Digital Desire: Working towards a personable brand outlook

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“Joining Stylus Fashion will be invitation only, and the limited membership strategy will mean members ‘maintain a competitive advantage,’ Stylus said. According to the company, the service will help its members to ‘[find] original ideas and opportunities that they — and they alone — can bring to market faster than their competitors.'”

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