2circle “Footwear label Stuart Weitzman is giving its consumers digital personal attention through a shoppable quiz on its ecommerce site.”Read Article url-6
 3circle “The sportswear company has decided that only software has a future in Nike’s technology vision. That means cutting the FuelBand, including a slimmer version planned for the fall.”Read Article nike-has-fired-most-of-its-fuelband-team-and-will-stop-making-wearable-devices
 4circle “Forget carrying a separate hotspot router to have a local network wherever you go — what if you were the hotspot? Fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk has come very, very close to making that vision a reality with his experimental BB.Suit.”Read Article Wearable-Tech-BB-Suit-032888928081
 1circle “Wowcracy is the pre­commerce platform dedicated to fashion. It enables emerging talents and brands to present their new products or collections, create a pre­sale offer and test its market viability.”Read Article  unnamed-4
 2circle “First made for British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, the Mi.Mu glove turns the arms and hands of performers into musical instruments.”Read Article photo-main
 3circle “Dior gives high fashion a whole new meaning, with a couture runway show set to the Hong Kong skyline.The spring/summer 2014 haute-couture season gets a replay; creative heads decided that the couture show would be presented again for those who missed the January runway in Paris.”Read Article Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014
 4circle “Italian designer Roberto Cavalli is in advanced talks to sell a majority stake in his eponymous fashion
house to London-based buyout firm Permira in a sale worth about 450 million euros ($621 million), four sources close to the deal.”Read Article

“Why do we need to innovate? The answer always always seems to be a sense of urgency. Of course for a startup, there’s always sense of urgency. You run out of money, people, time [and there are] more competitors. It’s an environment with much more urgency. In a big company, [it is like] “we can wait for another quarter, we can wait for another month.” – Jerry Yang at the New Economy Summit.

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Chime for Change “opened up a dialogue between tech-savvy and fashion-forward philanthropists and celebrated women in the technology industry, while helping those in need. Focusing on the three core areas of Chime for Change’s mission – education, health and justice – Gucci aims to make a difference without any attention paid to profits”

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Decode Fashion Wearable Technology Show Kiroco

Last week we headed down to the Wearable Technology Show in London’s Olympia, where a multitude of new wearables were exhibiting, from UV activity monitors to responsive running jackets. Most of the gadgets that were on show, were versatile in terms of the applications they could be used for and the industries they could be used in. With some seeming to serve a recreational purpose, others had functionalities that could also be applied in retailing, healthcare and even military contexts. Here’s our top picks:

  1. Intelligent Headset, the world’s first 3D audio headset, made its debut along with it’s own Zombie game that requires players to ‘listen’ rather than ‘look out.’  This also has great applications for the educational sector and atmospheric marketing.
  2. ViewAR showcased apps that allow customers to navigate through virtual environments by means of gesture control – beyond gaming, this has some very interesting implications for retailing and branding.
  3. SnapWatch showcased their fun concept – a rigid steel band featuring a display that can snap around the wrist thanks to the flexible nature of its display. The modern comeback of the eighties Slap Bracelet!
  4. A piece of wearable tech that might serve to motivate sports enthusiasts to improve their running times is the Glofaster running jacket – it syncs with the wearer’s mobile phone and lights up as long as they are running above their minimal speed.
  5. A showcased product that is already on the market is the emotional jewellery by the British brand Kiroco Touch. Content in the form of images, videos or text can be stored on bracelets or necklaces and then unlocked when the jewellery gets into contact with a mobile phone. This won the award for ‘Best Innovation.’


Reported By Anna Abrell

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