Decoded Fashion hits SXSW Interactive on March 13-17 – in the run-up, we’ll be posting content that gives you a sneak peek of what to expect: including panel sessions, special events and the return of our Mentorship Hub.

Decoded Fashion’s Fashion Hacked Exhibit at SXSW Interactive will showcase the most exciting wearables and design concepts set to hack your world in 2015. As this year’s exhibitors demonstrate, the burgeoning trend for fashion-first wearables – with uncomplicated claims to functionality – shows no sign of slowing. After watches and fitness trackers, here’s the best of the rest at our exhibition: combining looking good and feeling good like never before.


A Decoded Fashion favourite for a while now, Kovert Designs is the Kate Unsworth-founded design house that wants you to put down your technology and concentrate on other things. No, really – their new Altruis range aims to make social media less obtrusive by subtly filtering notifications into super stylish bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Stellé Audio

The perfect union of sound and style, Stellé Audio’s Mini-Clutch Speaker is boldly going where no wearable accessory has really gone before – handbags. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, speakerphone and clutch all-in-one: perfect for carrying your on-the-go essentials, making hands-free phone calls and having impromptu parties.


We love a brand that uses technological innovation to do social good, and Thinx is the latest startup that aims to do just that. For every pair sold of this smart underwear – that endures over time through anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and stain resistant layers – a girl in the developing world will be provided with seven washable, reusable cloth pads that help her stay in school.

Kapture Audio

Perfect for musicians, mums, or just friends catching up over drinks, Kapture is the wristband that saves the audible moments around you with a single tap. It even captures audio snippets after the fact – so the moment isn’t interrupted.


Cuff is the most desirable-looking smart accessories line on the market right now, tapping into an authentic, boho aesthetic without sacrificing on tech functionality. There’s a style for everyone and every need: whether you want to track your activity, never miss a call or text again, or even, in a unique offering, feel safe in the city with a built-in safety tracker in case of emergency.

Full details of Decoded Fashion’s SXSW activities can be found here.

Reported by Claire Healy

Decoded Fashion - Weekly Stories - Lingerie Startups

It’s easy to get your panties in a bunch when shopping for underwear – not only is it time-consuming, and hard to locate the right size but it often requires extended stays in changing rooms with over-enthusiastic salespeople. Today we are hosting our third Underthings Meetup in New York, showcasing a range of startups that are disrupting this space. Some have tried to solve the age-old problem of finding the right bra size, while others use innovative materials. Ahead of tonight’s event, we give you the lowdown on what’s out there:

Sizing solutions
At True & Co, customers get’ fitted’ by taking a short quiz consisting of 16 questions. The answers are used to recommend the right size, based on an algorithm that was created using data from 500’000 women. The data allowed True & Co to identify 6’000 body shapes, and through answering the questionnaire, it helps determine where on the spectrum a customer lies. A home try-on box can then be ordered, where the customer can select five bras to try on – returns are free. Future product recommendations will then be personalised based on what customers decide to keep (or return).

Third Love, which launched in November 2013, also offers a sizing solution that doesn’t involve measuring tape. They have created an app that lets customers measure their cup size at home by taking two pictures of themselves. They also manufacture their own bras, which come in half-cup sizes – an estimated 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, partially because they are between cup sizes. The Third Love app calculates measurements using image recognition and an algorithm (read more about it here). The co-founder, Heidi Zak, will be speaking at Underthings III tonight.

Joyfit: This startup offers an app that lets women take a video of their chest to build their personal profile. Based on thid profile, a bespoke bra is manufactured using 3D-printed silicone (read more about it here).

Innovative materials
Australian brand Silent Assembly uses so-called 3D Curvesscence technology instead of the traditional bra underwire. This is supposed to guarantee a perfect fit and stay true to its shape after many washes. The brand’s US Ambassador, Willy Mrasek, will also be speaking at Underthings III.

Mark Weldon creates ‘smart underwear’ for men – it’s made out of material that keeps its wearer cool and prevents odor. To streamline order fulfillment, the brand uses robots in their warehouse, and if customers don’t like the fit, they can opt for an exchange or a refund. Founder Brian Berger will also be presenting in New York tonight.

Subscription Services
Adore Me: Fast-fashion lingerie: customers can either become members and pay a monthly fee (but they can opt out of months), or they can shop on a pay-as-you-go basis. The focus here is on the price point and sexy design. This concept is pretty much the opposite of the startup Negative, founded this February, which offers only ‘simple’ underwear that is comfortable and made using fine materials; no polyester, no ‘frills’ and no push-ups.

MeUndies: Here, customers can subscribe to receive new underwear regularly – once a month, once every two months or once every three months.

Underwearsociety: A men-only underwear subscription service. Based on a questionnaire that needs to be filled out upon subscription, customers receive a box of underwear on a monthly basis.

So it’s fairly clear – both men and women alike are spoilt for choice when it comes to underwear startups.

Other speakers include Lauren Sherman, Editor-at-Large of; Lawrence Lenihan, the Founder and Managing Director of FirstMark Capital; Antonia Dunbar, Co-Founder of Thinx; and Jennifer Zuccarini, the founder of Fleur du Mal.

Reported by Anna Abrell