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  1. Ecomm Newcomer Greats is Building a Brand on Sweet, Affordable Sneakers
    The latest addition to the genus Ecommerce Lowoverheadus is Greats, a men’s footwear brand that launched in August.
  2. Wearable Tech Won’t Take Off Until the Price Comes Down
    Google Glass, smart watches and fitness trackers appealing to plenty of Brits and Americans, but current costs are a barrier.
  3. Bloomingdale’s Balances Selfies with Beauty Tips in Instagram Contest
    Department store chain Bloomingdale’s is letting fans determine the best selfie shot from its #BloomieSelfie Instagram contest to increase participation and spread awareness of the campaign.
  4. Google Glass Accessory Store Comes Online
    Google has launched an accessory store for Google Glass which is available to existing Glass owners.


  1. Where to Watch New York Fashion Week Online
    New York Fashion Week returns to Manhattan on Thursday, and there are more ways than ever to tune in online…
  2. 9 Tips for Creating Better Instagram Videos this Fashion Week
    Last season Twitter unveiled Vine just before Fashion Week. And then, just when people were getting the hang of that medium, Instagram Videos came along this summer and more than doubled the length and possibilities of social video-making.
  3. As Fashion Week Approaches, Runway Models Strut on Social Media
    Models, paid to be expressionless, are finding a new way to express themselves on Twitter, Instagram and beyond.
  4. Why Wearable-Tech Makers Need to Court the Fashion Industry
    The biggest hurdle to wearables hitting the mainstream isn’t technology. It’s fashion.


  1. Hearst, Estée Lauder Flipboard Launch Brand Magazine
    Estée Lauder teamed with Hearst Magazines Digital Media to create a new Flipboard brand magazine titled Estée Lauder Beauty Book.
  2. Mobile Shopping Companion Clutch, Raises $5M Series B, Acquires Gift and Loyalty Platform Provier ProfitPoint
    Clutch, a mobile application for iPhone and Android which aims to combine gift cards, coupons, comparison shopping, gifting, and personalized recommendations all under one roof.
  3. Orlebar Brown Receives £8M Investment
    Premium swimwear brand Orlebar Brown has received investment totalling £8m after selling off a minority stake to private equity firm Piper.
  4. Hot Watch Turns your Palm into a Mobile Phone
    HOT Watch is a new smartwatch with a directional speaker and microphone embedded in the wrist, allowing the wearer to answer phone calls by cupping their hand to their ear.


  1. Apple Applies for iWatch Trademark
    After many rumors and many launches of tech watches, Apple seems to jumping on board with the wearable tech movement.
  2. Spaaza MyPrice, Stipple Shopping, BeauCoo.com
    Spaaza MyPrice is a service that customizes store prices depending on a customer’s social activity or loyalty to the store.
  3. Made-to-Order Fashion Goes Mainstream
    Not so long ago, retail customization was still something unknown and unpopular. Today, companies that offer to make personalized apparel are thriving.
  4. Heat-up Anniversary Rings
    This jewelry brand has created a ring made especially for those forgetful minds.


  1. Condé Entertainment Previews Video Channels for Vogue, WIRED and Vanity Fair
    The very popular Condé Nast empire will be releasing online video channels for the brands’ magazines such as WIRED, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, among others.
  2. Wearable Technology Lets Us Track Consumers’ Activity as Never Before
    Technology companies have been creating for years wearable gadgets that track our lives, such as sleeping patterns, get us closer to our loved ones and let’s not forget Google Glass.
  3. Web Star iJustine on Wearable Tech
    Justine Ezarik, known for her Youtube Channel; iJustine, will be hosting a new series called Hardwire in which she searches for the latest innovations in wearable tech.
  4. Travelling Circus Features High Tech Games to Make Science Fun
    STEAM Carnival focuses on technology based shows and games which aim to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering, art and math.


  1. In Fashion, Tech Accessories are the New Fragrance
    It has come to the point were wearable technology is not only chosen by its functions but mainly by its looks.
  2. J.C. Penney Releases Apology Ad Begging Consumers to Come Back
    After the disturbance with ex-CEO Ron Johnson, J.C Penney has released an ad which “apologizes” to the consumers pleads for their return.
  3. Fab Launches its First Retail Store, Design-Your-Own Furniture
    Fab.com is a company that has showed its growth throughout the years, this time, by allowing customers to customize their own furniture which will not only be offered online but also, through their newest brick and mortar locations.
  4. Smartphone Skinny Jeans Created with Today’s Tech in Mind
    These skinny jeans created by I/O Denim facilitate its consumers the process of reaching their phone (especially if they are in a rush).


  1. 3-D Printers Bring New Edge to Fashion
    3-D have and will continue to take over most of the things that surround us. From shoes, to clothing, to jewelry, there is no doubt 3-D printed items are the latest trend. 
  2. Jawbone Takes a Bigger Bite of “Wearable Technology” Market
    Another trend this year is wearable technology. Jawbone is the latest invention; a technology company now has its focus on a new product – a wristband that tracks the wearer’s movement.
  3. The Shirt You Don’t Have to Wash – and Other Clothes that Rarely Get Too Dirty
    The “Better Button Down” shirt created by clothing Company Wool & Prince promises to not smell after 100 days of being worn.
  4. Social-Shopping Website OpenSky Relaunches a Full-Fledged Online Marketplace
    The e-commerce site, OpenSky, has recently launched a marketplace for small businesses in which merchants can open their own store online.

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