“The Kapture wristband is a wearable ‘audio camera’ that lets you retroactively record beautiful audio moments.”

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  1. This Mask gives You Superhuman Abilities
    Two prototypes of the masks created by a group of students at the Royal College of Art in London have been created to enhance hearing and sight.
  2. SNL Takes on Google Glass
    During SNL’s Weekend Update, the cast joked around a bit about the complications and odd appearance of Google Glass.
  3. Scott Lachut: Warby Parker’s Foray into Physical Retail
    Warby Parker, the online eyeglasses retail store, has previously experimented with themed pop-up stores, an in-office showroom, retail partnerships, among others. Now, it has opened its doors to its first brick-and-mortar store located in Soho on April 13th.
  4. The Fitbit Flex is the Best Fitbit Yet
    The Fitbit wristband has features such as a pedometer, a vibrating alarm and a sleep tracker and now with its new and improved straps, the Fitbit has become more durable and harder to lose.


  1. 3-D Printers Bring New Edge to Fashion
    3-D have and will continue to take over most of the things that surround us. From shoes, to clothing, to jewelry, there is no doubt 3-D printed items are the latest trend. 
  2. Jawbone Takes a Bigger Bite of “Wearable Technology” Market
    Another trend this year is wearable technology. Jawbone is the latest invention; a technology company now has its focus on a new product – a wristband that tracks the wearer’s movement.
  3. The Shirt You Don’t Have to Wash – and Other Clothes that Rarely Get Too Dirty
    The “Better Button Down” shirt created by clothing Company Wool & Prince promises to not smell after 100 days of being worn.
  4. Social-Shopping Website OpenSky Relaunches a Full-Fledged Online Marketplace
    The e-commerce site, OpenSky, has recently launched a marketplace for small businesses in which merchants can open their own store online.