“Rarely have I felt so out of my depth. Hundreds of teenagers, mostly girls, some of them crying, are queuing to meet Dan and Phil. I have not heard of Dan & Phil, though the one with lank hair looks a bit familiar.”

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Decoded Fashion - Weekly Stories - Pixability
Image source: Beauty blogger Michelle Phan on YouTube

A new study by video marketing company Pixability reveals how consumer views of beauty videos and beauty marketing on platforms such as YouTube are growing at an unprecedented rate – highlighting significant shifts that beauty brands and marketers should be aware of.

The beauty ecosystem on YouTube “experienced a 50% growth rate in views from January 2014 to April 2015” according to the Beauty on YouTube report, which studied 215 beauty brands, and videos from over 180,000 creators on the social video site, who post videos on topics such as skincare, hair, make-up, and perfume.

With 45.3 billion total beauty views and over 123 million beauty subscribers, YouTube is the leading global beauty consumption platform, and its popularity is growing. Compared to 2014, beauty brand mentions on YouTube are also up 53%.

The report shows that beauty creators own 80% of YouTube’s top performing beauty videos. Interestingly, beauty video content from brands is becoming more popular. The study found that “total monthly views of brand-produced content increased 78%, and views of brand-produced beauty content grew 35% faster than views of overall beauty content on YouTube from January 2014—April 2015”. These findings suggest that brands are already in a strong position to engage with consumers without having to tap into hot-property vloggers.

The study also revealed that emerging content categories hold critical growth opportunity for brands. In men’s grooming for example, the top ten channels on YouTube “collectively hold 5.4 million channel subscribers – 4.4% of YouTube’s 123 million beauty subscriberships.”

Similarly, the mature beauty market on YouTube is growing. “Monthly views of videos featuring beauty solutions for mature consumers over the age of 45 are growing 62% faster than YouTube’s overall beauty space.”

Videos that combine beauty with other lifestyle categories such as fashion, health and even comedy are also growing in popularity. Crossover beauty content earns 530% more views and 670% more shares on Facebook per video than beauty-only video content.

Guest post by Lisa Payne

Decoded Fashion - Weekly Stories - YouTube Newswire
Image source: Google

YouTube’s new channel Newswire keeps viewers up to date on breaking news with a verified and curated stream of eyewitness videos. YouTube’s parent organisation Google has partnered with Storyful, a social news agency that verifies social content, to launch the project.

In recent months, both Twitter and Instagram have announced updates to their services that will give users more efficient access to news. Twitter’s Project Lightning will be a feed of curated stories from specific events that are drawing users’ attention, such as the Super Bowl or the Oscars. Similar to Snapchat’s Live Stories, which started in 2014, Twitter will try to process news more easily and allow users to keep on top of live global events as they unfold.

Likewise, Instagram recently added a whole new ‘search and explore’ feature, wherein trending tags highlight popular themes and events across the platform. Instagram has also added customised recommendations on who to follow, as well as an option to search by location, all of which help users discover content beyond their immediate interests.

Social media outlets are progressing beyond breaking news and surfacing trends through what their global users are sharing in their millions. Tighter curation and discovery tools such as these will enable them to engage in sustained events and news coverage by filtering the masses of information. In effect, the platforms are working towards being real-time current events networks with the power to hold users’ attention, rather than prompting them to seek more information elsewhere.

Guest post by Thomas Goulde

In our post-Zoella times, it’s a fact commonly understood that brand strategy ought to incorporate social media across all possible channels: whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even newer platforms like live streaming services Periscope and Meerkat. But how can fashion retailers go about their social media strategy in the right way to achieve omni-channel success? And how can engaging content still provide the call to action to get consumers beyond imaginary browsing and past the checkout stage?

Hoping to offer a dual perspective on the issue, our dedicated discussion on Activating Brand Strategy on Social will take place on the 20 May at the Decoded Fashion London Summit. Taking to the stage to thrash out their strategies will be two speakers from the macro and micro levels of the industry. In the red corner, a heavyweight for engaging vlogging content and more: YouTube, and its Industry Manager for Fashion, Luxury & Beauty, Katie Jenkins. In the blue corner will be Neil Waller, co-founder of Shore Projects: standing up for smaller up-and-comers who have social media prowess at their fingertips.

2014 was undoubtedly the year of the beauty vlogger, and their popularity isn’t looking to end any time soon. YouTube Vloggers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr can fetch up millions of pounds a year, but how can brands create or incorporate their own content that engages viewers just as much? Startups like Wirewax and Cinematique have created shoppable video platforms that have seen remarkable click-through rates, but whether this is the future of branded YouTube strategy is yet to be seen. Shore Projects, meanwhile, who make stylish water resistant watches inspired by the British seaside, have channelled their strong identity into a huge social media following. It’s a tactic that seems to have worked – as of this month, ASOS and Topshop have backed Shore Projects and will be stocking their designs.

For more insight into how to turn those followers into sales, check out YouTube and Shore Projects in London on 20 May.

Book your ticket for the London Summit here.

Reported by Claire Healy




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